About me

Hi,I'm Yusef Mohamadi, When I was child I had a passion when I'd grow up I found its name is Artificial Intelligence  or in abbreviation AI, I've started programming since 2001 with QBasic and Pascal, then studied Computer Engineering in Bsc, and after that I followed my passion at Master(MSc).after several years working with a lot of programming languages  and working on several companies on enormous  projects  it's really hard to introduce myself shortly,  I am an artificial intelligence researcher, programmer, and Web Developer, I have a lot of experiences in programming fields since 2001, working on several different projects has been giving me good attitude and view to choose platforms, tools and solutions carefully to consider situation we are in and constraints we faced with in projects. I always try to find optimum but neither global optimum nor local optimum, in my language "find Global optimum with satisfying constraints we have NOT only global optimum".

My current job field is Web Development(in PHP: Drupal and Symfony is my good friends and in Python: Django), I always enjoy them but one of my passions is combining web development with artificial intelligence. working on Machine Learning Algorithms always give me a good feeling, I'm working with Deep Learning Tools like Keras and TensorFlow nowadays and doing some jobs just for fun and really enjoy them.

maybe It could be better say: I Always try to walk on edge of technology and keep myself updated with new technologies. it's kind of essential requirements for me to get familiar with them and be expert on some of them. in short "I'm an experienced web architect, developer, and keen problem solver".